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Adam Machanic helps companies get the most out of their SQL Server databases. He creates solid architectural foundations for high performance databases and is author of the award-winning SQL Server monitoring stored procedure, sp_WhoIsActive. Adam has contributed to numerous books on SQL Server development. A long-time Microsoft MVP for SQL Server, he speaks and trains at IT conferences across North America and Europe.

Extended Events Code Generator v1.001 – A Quick Fix

If you're one of the estimated 3-5 people who've downloaded and are using my XE Code Generator, please note that version 1.000 has a small bug: text data (such as query text) larger than 8000 bytes is truncated. I've fixed this issue and am pleased to present version 1.001, attached to this post.Enjoy, and...

T-SQL Tuesday #006: LOB Data

Just a quick note for those of you who may not have seen Michael Coles's post (and a reminder for the rest of you): The topic of this month's T-SQL Tuesday is LOB data. Get your posts ready; next Tuesday we go big!

A Warning to Those Using sys.dm_exec_query_stats

The sys.dm_exec_query_stats view is one of my favorite DMVs. It has replaced a large chunk of what I used to use SQL Trace for--pulling metrics about what queries are running and how often--and it makes this kind of data collection painless and automatic. What's not to love? But use cases for the view are...

T-SQL Tuesday #005: On Technical Reporting

Reports. They're supposed to look nice. They're supposed to be a method by which people can get vital information into their heads.And that's obvious, right? So obvious that you're undoubtedly getting ready to close this tab and go find something better to do with your life. "Why is Adam wasting my time with this...

T-SQL Tuesday #005: Reporting

This month's T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Aaron Nelson of SQLVariations. Aaron has picked a really fantastic topic: Reporting. Reporting is a lot more than just SSRS. Whether or not you realize it, you deal with all sorts of reports every day. Server up-time reports. Application activity reports. And even DMVs, which as Aaron...

Rejuvenated: Script Creates and Drops for Candidate Keys and Referencing Foreign Keys

Once upon a time it was 2004, and I wrote what I have to say was a pretty cool little script. (Yes, I know the post is dated 2006, but that's because I dropped the ball and failed to back-date the posts when I moved them over here from my prior blog space.)The impetus...

T-SQL Tuesday #004: IO, IO, It’s Off to Disk We Go!

Hey bloggers! Wake up and get your favorite editor ready. T-SQL Tuesday is back again, this time with a great topic hosted by Mike at StraightPath Solutions. Stop reading this blog and go read his. And then post! As I mentioned to a few Indian MVPs at the MVP Summit a couple of weeks...

T-SQL Tuesday #002: The Roundup

According to T-SQL Tuesday rules as ratified by me in the first and second T-SQL Tuesday posts, the T-SQL Tuesday host is supposed to post a roundup within two days of the end of the event. So a reasonable person should expect a roundup to be posted by the second Thursday of the month....

T-SQL Tuesday #002: Is it XML, or Not?!?

The query optimizer is a finicky thing, and sometimes it doesn't understand exactly what you're trying to do until you give it a bit more information. The situation I'm going to describe in this post is one such case. By providing the optimizer with ever-so-slightly more data, it's possible to make some XML processing...

Invitation for T-SQL Tuesday #002: A Puzzling Situation

Welcome to the second installment of T-SQL Tuesday, the monthly SQL Server blog party! Last month's kickoff event was a great success, and I'm really excited for this month's theme. I hope that we see even more bloggers, with even more great posts this time around--so please spread the word!ThemeHave you ever found yourself...

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