Denali: Reports from the Blogosphere

As promised in our recent and wildly popular exposé on the naming scheme behind Denali, the latest version of SQL Server, we present to you a brief, rather random, but high-quality list of some of the best SQL Server bloggers out there writing some of the best Denali posts out there. (More to follow in coming months.)

And since we-re a fun group here at Data Education, we also threw in a couple of other “best of” blog posts. Just to liven things up.

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Denali Blog Posts Worth a Read

Aaron Bertrand: SQL Server v.Next (Denali): CTP3 is Here!
An excellent alternative or addition to Microsoft’s own Denali release notes. (Also good: Bertrand’s post on changes to system objects.)

Kasper de Jonge: Denali PowerPivot: New DAX Functions That Will Make Your Life Easier
One of Kasper’s many great PowerPivot CTP3 posts this summer.

Jen Stirrup: Denali: Upgrading from SQL Server 2008 R2 and KPIs
An optimistic report on the ease of creating KPIs in Denali.

Brent Ozar: CTP3 is Here! Five Things to Know About the Next Version of SQL Server
A handful of the biggest Denali highlights.

Dan Guzman: Denali CTP3: Throw Statement
A big look at a seemingly little new T-SQL enhancement.

The Oatmeal: Why It’s Better to Pretend You Don’t Know Anything About Computers
Because all of us have an Uncle Wayne somewhere.

Chad Miller: Denali SQLPS First Impressions
A breakdown of what to expect from PowerShell now.

Brian K. McDonald: End of Month Function in Denali CTP3
A fast explanation of how determining the end of the month just got much, much easier.

Jeremiah Peschka: Leaving the Windows Open
A discussion of how Denali’s ability to window, rank, and analyze data.

A T-Shirt: The Emotions of Chuck Norris
Not a blog, even a little, but still: Chuck Norris.

Denis Gobo: CONCAT Function in SQL Server Denali CTP3
A look at CONCAT a little beyond what you find in BOL.

Know of some other fantastic bloggers writing about Denali? Let us know and we’ll give them some Data Education blog love.