No More Guessing? Also, No More Room.

Not long after his packed pre-conference seminar at PASS Summit 2011, Data Education founder Adam Machanic once again presented his hit day-long training session No More Guessing! Enlightened Performance Troubleshooting, this time across the pond at London’s SQLBits. The seminar quickly sold out and was even initially crashed by a few non-registrants.

Adam will be giving the same precon at SQL Saturday #111 in Georgia on April 14–to a sold-out room, once again.

What’s the draw of No More Guessing? Judging from the heaps of feedback, it’s the ability to leave the seminar knowing exactly the tools and techniques you need. Attendees have commented on everything from getting a solid framework for troubleshooting to finally understanding how to properly approach performance baselining.

Adam thoroughly enjoys giving this tips-and-tricky heavy seminar. He’s hoping to present it again, sometime this summer or fall. Feel free to suggest locations!