Jorge Segarra

Jorge Segarrashadow

Jorge Segarra (aka SQL Chicken)

Data Head Stats:
  • Where are you from, and what kind of company do you work for?
  • I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and work for Pragmatic Works. We’re a consulting firm with a focus primarily around Business Intelligence.
  • What’s decorating your office and/or desk right now?
  • I always have at least one trusty chicken nearby. The original SQL Chicken sits atop my cube and I have an awesome chicken piggy bank. I also have pictures of my awesome wife, but if she asks, I listed her first here.
SQL Chicken

A Trusty SQL Chicken

  • What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced with SQL Server this year? What made it such a roadblock, and how did you eventually turn it from a problem to a solution?
  • Right now I’m working on some interesting large data (multi-terabyte) systems that look like they might be candidate to go PDW. Very excited to architect stuff like this out.
  • SQL University was actually born from my experiences attending SQLSaturday events. I had attended a few events and while I was blown away at all the awesome content being delivered, I started noticing that there wasn’t a dedicated “follow this dedicated track for absolute beginners.” For instance, if someone came to the event because they wanted to learn SQL Server and a friend said how awesome it was, they’d potentially get lost amid all the topics since they’d have no idea what half of them were.
    Rather than trying to create a dedicated track at an event, I wanted to see how this idea would play out in the community first, so I decided to take this idea online first. The idea was to teach SQL Server from base zero and progress as you would in a college course. Over the last couple of years SQLU has done this and it’s been a great success due to all the wonderful folks who embraced this and have contributed such great stuff to the project!
  • What do you think most SQL Server professionals out there are most eager to learn more about?
  • It’s hard to say, because SQL Server has such a diverse range of options to learn from (administration, BI, development, etc.). This is why I love the format for SQLU, since it allows folks to follow whichever track they want at their own pace. In the coming months, I’m going to be changing the look/feel of SQL University to make it a little easier to follow. Another exciting piece of news is that we’re going to be releasing an e-book with all the SQLU posts to date so you can download the project in its entirety and learn on the go!
  • Any thoughts on Denali, from how it looks in its latest release to its sticking-with-the-mountain-theme name?
  • I’m extremely excited for Denali’s release but I propose the next release be code named Eyjafjallajökull.
  • What’s the geekiest thing you’ve ever done? (Or at least will admit to!)
  • I walk around conferences with a rubber chicken… I think that pretty much speaks for itself!
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