What Our Students Are Saying:

This class was very detailed, with well-structured modules that were easy to follow.

Rory O'Brien - SQL Server Consultant, Boston , MA

The class brought up my level of understanding by leaps and bounds.

Brian Lucey - Newmarket International

In this course, material I thought I might have struggled with was explained with perfect clarity.

Ben Sacchetti - BNY Mellon

I had high expectations. They were definitely met. It was very helpful to go home with the many resources to continue learning on class topics.

Brian Kukowski - International Data Group

This course exceeded my expectations. The detailed explanation of the underworkings of the database concepts helped in understanding better.

Anu Paturi - MLS Property Information Network

This was a very knowledgeable instructor, with lots of practical advice and information. I benefited from the examples, the overview of new features, and code snippets that I can take home and play with.

Helen Hutchinson - Carpe Diem Consulting

Exceeded expectations 100%. It helped me fill most of my missing links about SQL.

Camilo Giraldo - BI Analyst, Covidien

Even though the material was Entity Framework 4.1, the instructor took the time to go into details on pre-4.1 features when we encountered something we didn't know all that well. I enjoyed being able to ask questions and get informed answers as well as explore new ideas.

Jack Blakely - Software Developer, Cambridge, MA