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Never settle for a SQL Server database that is anything less than perfect.

Drawing on many years of database and application development experience and deep knowledge of SQL Server internals and best practices, Adam Machanic can help you achieve whatever goals you have for your database or data-driven software.

Adam specializes in data architecture, performance tuning, and SQL Server development. He has a solid track record of successful projects and has helped companies in a wide variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, real estate, security, and e-commerce.

Based in the Boston area, Adam helps companies across the United States and beyond, either on-site or remotely. Adam’s typical engagements are long-term and involve building or re-designing a complete system, but he is available for engagements as short as one day to help with performance or general advice.

Some example areas of expertise:

Database Architecture & Database Design

Data Architecture and Database Design

  • Business requirements and process analysis
  • Logical data modeling
  • Data flow and acquisition modeling
  • Application workflow analysis
  • Physical schema and index design and implementation
  • Database refactoring
  • SQL Server features applicability analysis (e.g. “should we use Service Broker for this?”)
Performance Analysis and SQL Query Tuning

Performance Analysis and Tuning

  • Database performance monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting
  • Database performance health check
  • Query tuning
  • Index optimization
  • Application data access design and optimization (especially .NET applications)
SQL Development

SQL Development

  • T-SQL query and interface development
  • SQL CLR module development
  • .NET application data access layer development
  • ETL process development
  • Code review and team mentoring
  • Database agile process implementation