Never settle for a SQL Server database that is anything less than perfect.

The Career Influence of Usenet Strangers (T-SQL Tuesday #096)

A freshly minted Computer Science graduate at the tail end of the dot-com era, I had three basic requirements for my first job: (1)...

Playing the Third-Party Recruiter Game (T-SQL Tuesday #093)

Finding a new job can be a long and stressful proposition. This holds true even for skilled candidates. And even for skilled candidates in...

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The SQL Hall of Shame

SQL Server is a big product, with lots of features. Many of the features—hopefully the vast majority of them—are solid and allow us to build trustworthy, secure, and reasonably usable database applications. But nearly everyone has stumbled into a few, shall we say, “darker areas” of the product now and again. Strange and seemingly...

The Guru (T-SQL Tuesday #089)

I became a consultant a bit earlier in my career than was probably wise. The going was rough at first, with periods of feast and periods of famine. Although I had several clients, I didn’t understand how to sell services or schedule my workload, and so I’d wind up either doing huge amounts of...

Solving the Net Changes Problem with Temporal Tables (T-SQL Tuesday #087)

SQL Server 2008 was perhaps not the meatiest of SQL Server releases, but it did have one especially promising feature: Data change detection. Or maybe two features, depending on how you look at things. I’m talking, of course, about the almost confusingly similarly named Change Data Capture and Change Tracking.Change Data Capture was the...

SQL Server 2016 “Hidden Gems” – Now on a YouTube Near You

Sad that you missed last week's SQL Server 2016 "Hidden Gems" GroupBy session?Unlikely, perhaps...but no worries either way! It's now available for free, on YouTube:!

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