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Paging in SQL Server 2005

I keep seeing questions on newsgroups about paging in stored procedures, and whether there will be a better way in SQL Server 2005. However, aside from a few answers in newsgroups, I haven't seen any content on how to do it. So I'd like to spend a few minutes and share with you the...

No, stored procedures are NOT bad

I recently found a rather old post from Frans Bouma's blog, "Stored procedures are bad, m'key?".Since comments are closed (he posted it almost a year ago), I have to reply here.I'll state my bottom line at the top: Stored procedures are not only not bad, they're necessary for maintaining loosely coupled, application agnostic, flexible...

Pattern-based replacement UDF

As a personal challenge, I decided to write a UDF that will work just like T-SQL's REPLACE() function, but using patterns as input.The first question: How does REPLACE() handle overlapping patterns?SELECT REPLACE('babab', 'bab', 'c')-------------------------------------------------- cab(1 row(s) affected)SELECT REPLACE('bababab', 'bab', 'c')-------------------------------------------------- cac(1 row(s) affected)It appears that SQL Server parses the input string from left to right, replacing...

Caveats of the TEXT datatype

Someone named "Krygim" posted the following question today in the microsoft.public.sqlserver.programming newsgroup: "Will defaulting a TEXT field to an empty string take up more space than defaulting it to Null when no data is entered into the field. " Before reading any further, I ask that you think for...

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