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    T-SQL Tuesday #007 and T-SQL Tuesday Has a Logo


    This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Jorge Segarra, the “SQL Chicken.” The topic is rather open ended: What is your favorite new(ish) SQL Server feature? Love the DACPAC? Can’t wait for PDW? Post about it and tell us why!

    In other T-SQL Tuesday news, we now have a logo. Those of you who are participating in the event, take notice; the rules have changed. Now that we have a logo we’re simplifying the linkback and subject guidelines a bit. Henceforth you can title your post however you want. It just has to include the logo at the top, and the logo has to link back to the hosting blog. This should help de-clutter participating posts, while still identifying them as part of the T-SQL Tuesday event. Here’s the logo:

    T-SQL Tuesday Logo

    Our supercool logo was created by JP Jones of Paige1Media. I hope that if you need some design work done you’ll contact Paige1Media. JP was extremely easy to work with and I think the output speaks for itself.

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