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T-SQL Tuesday #005: Reporting


This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Aaron Nelson of SQLVariations. Aaron has picked a really fantastic topic: Reporting.

Reporting is a lot more than just SSRS. Whether or not you realize it, you deal with all sorts of reports every day. Server up-time reports. Application activity reports. And even DMVs, which as Aaron points out are simply reports about what’s going on inside of SQL Server. This month’s topic can be twisted any number of ways, so have fun and be creative! I’m really looking forward to reading the submissions.

Please note that a new rule has been added this month: The title of your post must include “T-SQL Tuesday #005”. Last month several participants bolted the link and a note onto the bottom of their posts. We want to raise awareness of this event, not hide it, so please do your part and clearly identify your post as part of the event. I’m hoping to have a logo created for the event shortly, and after that we’ll modify the rule so that all participating posts will have to include the logo. That will be much easier to deal with–and will hopefully be ready for next month’s event.

Enjoy, and let either me or Aaron know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


  1. Regarding awareness:  It might be worth having a standard little blurb (or link as Im sure there is a post somewhere) to let people know what T-SQL Tuesday is.  
    On that note, what is T-SQL Tuesday and how does one participate?

  2. Hi AgileBI,
    T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly "blog party". A blogger hosts the event and declares a theme for the month. Any blogger who wishes to participate can do so by simply writing a blog post on the theme. There are some rules — the post has to link back to the host blog, and has to clearly identify itself as participating in the event. Then the host blogger writes a "round up" post and so that anyone interested can go find all of the blog posts for the month.
    Goals: To generate lots of interesting content, to generate lots of links between SQL Server blogs and strengthen our web presence, and to have fun.
    Here’s the original post where I first introduced the event:
    Let me know if you have any further questions.


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